How do I know I need Orthodontics?

There are two main reasons for Orthodontic treatment:

  1. Aesthetic (eg: crooked teeth, large overjet, buck teeth)
  2. Functional (eg: wear of the teeth, difficulty cleaning and deep bite affecting the gums)

In many cases both functional and aesthetic reasons may exist. Many patients refer themselves because of aesthetic or functional problems, but also many are referred by either their Dentist or Dental Therapist.

Can I refer myself to Philip or Sabine?

Yes, any patient can refer themself or can be recommended to us by their friends.

What will happen at my initial exam appointment?

At the initial exam appointment, Philip or Sabine will talk to you about your concerns in relationship to your teeth and explain the reasons for the treatment, ie aesthetic, functional or a combination of both. The various treatment options and the approximate range of costs will be discussed with you at this appointment. You can then make your decision as to whether you wish to proceed with further investigation and treatment.

How Much?

The cost of treatment varies and depends on the severity of the problem and the treatment appliances selected.  A verbal estimate will be explained at the initial exam appointment (for a quote on an initial exam appointment, contact our office). 

A number of payment options are available:

  • Upfront payments (a discount will apply for Upper and Lower Fixed Appliances upfront payments)
  • Payment over the treatment period, which usually involves:
  1. Payment for the initial banding appointment (when the braces are put on)
  2. Then either Quarterly payments (every 3 months) or Monthly/Fortnightly payments

What does treatment involve?

Different problems require different solutions. There is a wide range of treatments, depending on the presenting problem.

Treatment ranges from:

  • No treatment 
  • Simple extraction treatment
  • Extractions plus Removable Appliances
  • Upper and Lower Fixed Appliances
  • Invisible appliances such as Invisalign

How long does treatment take?

The length of treatment depends on the severity of the problem and ranges from three months to twelve months in simple treatment cases and from eighteen to twenty four months in difficult and extended treatment cases.

What special care do braces require?

It is very important for patients to have excellent hygiene and clean their teeth on a regular basis, two to three times a day. There are certain restrictions of what can and cannot be eaten and this will be explained to you.