New Patients

New Patients


In general the following appointments could be needed.


At this appointment the nature of the problem will be explained, some of the possible treatment alternatives and a verbal estimate of the costs.

For patients who wish to proceed, a records appointment will be arranged.


Full records consisting of study models, full radiographs, photos and any other appropriate tests.

In those cases where only limited treatment or no active treatment is envisaged, limited records may be taken and these would usually involve radiographs and photos.


Following the records appointment a consultation appointment will be made, usually 2-3 weeks later. It is preferable that both parents or both caregivers and the patient attend this appointment.

At this appointment the following factors will be discussed:

  1. Diagnosis of orthodontic problem
  2. The reasons for treatment
  3. The treatment alternatives and options
  4. Fees for treatment
  5. Treatment Plan and Informed Consent